In every movie there is always one role that anchors the story emotionally — usually the hero. But then there is another role, one that is just as important to cast right, because this role in turn anchors the story for the hero. It could be a significant other, a dependent, often a parent.. When we were casting Quid Pro Quo in New York, the key role for our hero was his ill-fated mother, who perished in the car accident that left him immobilized. We looked a long time and it was down to the wire — still no mother. The problem was I knew there would be precious little screen time to make an impression on the audience before the tragedy struck, and yet that impression fueled the entire story. As the casting goes, so goes the movie. And I needed to find an actress with an unusually compelling presence, someone who could, in short, convey youthful vitality and the promise of a beautiful future, as well as a mother’s powerful love — in seconds. Michal Sinnott is such an actress, and we are lucky we found her. She is the real deal.”

- Carlos Brooks – writer / director, “Quid Pro Quo”