Michal Sinnott makes my jaw drop. It is not because of her looks, though she has the beauty of a good Botticelli portrait, I mean a very good Botticelli. But no, it is not her looks. It is her talent. Her talent makes my jaw drop. I’ve had the privilege of working with Michal on two of my plays. Both times she has displayed a depth and intensity that gives ferocious life to written words. But it’s more than talent. There is also her range, her intelligence, and her laser focus on the work. If you want soft and tremulous she can play that. If you want crazy and dangerous she can play that. I don’t believe there is anything she cannot play. Consider yourself very lucky if you have the good fortune of working with Michal.

- Steven Fechter – playwright / award winning screenwriter

  • Quid Pro Quo
    Sundance 2008
    Magnolia Pictures I Director: Carlos Brooks
    Role: Isaac’s mom
    Cast Alongside: Vera Farmiga, Nick Stahl

    Inside Man
    Universal Pictures I Director: Spike Lee
    Role: Lori Minitte
    Cast Alongside: Denzel Washington, Clive Owen

    Yellow Horse Productions I Director: Scott Norton
    Role: Wendy Whipper
    Cast Alongside: Nicole Vogt-Lowell, Chris Kies

    Independently Blue
    Trespa Films I Director: Damian Calvo
    Role: Trish
    Cast Alongside: Ben Wood, Patrick Taylor, Laura Hammer

    Walking Away
    Bullrock Films I Director: Toby Rymkus
    Role: Chloe
    Cast Alongside: Michael Sinatra, Rebecca Lovett

    Ripe (short)
    Director: Patrick Smith
    Role: Jade
    Cast Alongside: Joey Sontz

    El Mixer (short)
    Director: Josh Harris
    Role: Emily

  • One Life to Live (2 separate roles)
    ABC Daytime
    Recurring Role: Priscilla
    Guest Star: Annie

    Law and Order: Criminal Intent ( 3 separate roles )
    Roles: Katya Jalenak In “Pravda” with Judd Hirsch and Anthony Mackie
    Young Christine in “Courtship” with Paula Devicq
    Julie in “Frame” with Brian Letscher (Season Finale)

    Turner Movie of the Week
    Role: Ella Mae
    Cast Alongside: Virginia Madsen

    Sexual Considerations
    CBS After School Special
    Role: Lucy
    Cast Alongside: Tovah Feldshuh, Chandra Wilson, Michelle Krusiec

    Ghost Stories
    FOX Family
    Role: Brenda

    The New Detectives
    The Discovery Channel
    Role: Marleen

    Passport Envy
    Role: Chloe

  • White Hot (Los Angeles Premier)
    The Vagrancy Theater Company I Director: Caitlin Hart
    Role: Sis
    Best in Ensemble, Hollywood Fringe Festival
    Best of Fringe Extension
    Nomination for Spirit of the Fringe Best Actress Award: Michal Sinnott
    Winner for Most Orgasmic Performance: Michal Sinnott

    Eve Rickman Replies (World Premier)
    Manhattan Theatre Source I Director: Mike Bencivenga
    Role: Eve

    Crimes of the Heart
    The Bridge Theatre I Director: Greg Cicchino
    Role: Meg

    The Oresteia
    Folding Chair Classical Theatre I Director: Marcus Geduld
    Role: Cassandra

    Henry V
    Bard at the Bar I Director: Stephen Morrow
    Role: Katherine

    GATE Studio I Director: Gregory Abels
    Role: Lula

    The Fastest Woman Alive (World Premier)
    The Praxis Theatre Project I Director: Joel Froomkin
    Role: Jill

    The Gut Girls
    Gate Studio I Director: Gregory Abels
    Role: Kate

    Walkin’ Backwards (World Premier)
    Catholic University Production at Arena Stage
    Role: Monkey
    Washington, DC

    A Dybbuk
    Catholic University (DC Premier)
    By Tony Kushner
    Role: Leah
    Washington, DC

    Six Characters in Search of An Author
    Catholic University
    Role: Lead
    Washington, DC

    Who Will Carry The Word
    The University of Virginia
    Role: Marie
    Charlottesville, VA

    As You Like It
    Catholic University
    Role: Ensemble
    Washington, DC

  • The Actual Moment in Time Bob Rogers Found Love
    Director: Sabina Ptasznik
    Role: Janine
    The Vagrancy in association with The Los Angeles Female Playwright’s Initiative, Los Angeles, CA

    Hiding Behind Comets
    29th Street Rep. | Director: David Mogentale
    Role: Honey
    Off-Broadway, NYC

    29th Street Rep. I Director: Leo Farley
    Role: Sara
    Off-Broadway, NYC

    The Conversation
    29th Street Rep. I Director: David Mogentale
    Role: Ann
    Off-Broadway, NYC

    Zeus’s Children
    Ensemble Studio Theatre I Director: Steven Fechter
    Role: Agnes
    Off-Broadway, NYC

    The Fiend
    NY Theatre Workshop I Director: Thomas Cote
    Role: Marianne

    The Artifacts
    Still Mind I Director: Gregory Abels
    Role: Beth

  • Tracey De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V

    Multiple Characters in Major Games (yet to be released)

  • McDonalds
    Reach Toothbrush
    Dunkin’ Donuts
    Honey Bunches of Oats
    Virginia Tourism
    DSW Shoes
    Corr Wireless
    U.S. Bank
    PNC Bank

  • Xavier Cha: Body Drama
    The Whitney Museum of American Art
    Solo Performer

  • Official Host / Moderator for The Women’s Independent Film Festival (Los Angeles)