Presence in the Pursuit (Or the Art of Letting Go): One Pre-Enlightened Actress’s Guide to Living The Dream

Looking Ahead ( Michal Sinnott )

# 73: Ask of the Universe & then Watch it Unfold to your Desire (with a lot of Action & Kismet in Between)

It’s been two years since I’ve sat down to write one of these. Confession: there were drafts along the way, in between, thoughts I had that never were shared, but this is the first blog entry in 2 years that will make it’s way out there. When I visited you last I was riding on the high of the fastest grossing entertainment property of all time. I suppose that when the dust had cleared, I didn’t know how to top that, and so
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# 5: Cultivate Your Immense Garden of Gratitude

  “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” – Cicero “It’s a sign of mediocrity when you demonstrate gratitude with moderation.” – Roberto Benigni Happy New Year, all you gorgeous people! It has been nearly 6 months since I last shared on this site and life is mind-blowing-ly different than it was this summer. Time has been speeding by, autobahn style, and I someti
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# 82: It’s Hard to Be Human (Part Two), (Or: If you don’t feel ridiculous often in life, you’re not paying attention)

Continued from “It’s Hard to Be Human” (Part 1) This past month, I wasn’t feeling ridiculous, just very serious and very stressed. So you know what that means:  some-bunny was taking themselves too seriously and not paying attention. I got laid off from my day job a few weeks back (yup, for all those of you who don’t already know, I partially support my expensive acting habit with a glamorous waitressing nightlife),
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# 82: It’s Hard to Be Human. (Part One)

Preparing to play this strange, sad bunny on the left has been kicking my butt. Going into the rehearsal process, I made a schedule of how I would manage my time and go about achieving all sorts of things on my ambitious list outside of the play.  That list is officially on pause.  The play and the black hole that is the character have become so all encompassing that all I can manage outside of her is work (which thanks to new ownership in my res
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# 15: Ask Yourself Everyday: Am I Growing Towards the Light?

Boston.  What to think?  My heart hangs heavy.  It seems that violence is becoming more and more the norm in our world. And maybe it is.  I don’t know.  I never excelled at history enough to compare and contrast today with our past.  But something in my gut tells me that these are not more savage times, these times are just more in our face and hitting closer to home.  And we now have the technology to do harm more quickly in a more detache
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# 22: March Boldly Towards Your Fears

Sharks.       Venomous Snakes.     Beasts with horns.         Go on!     March Boldly Towards Them!       Ok.       No.   You’re obviously not going to do that.  Crocodile hunters aside, and even THAT didn’t end well, it’s best to respect the order of the universe and not march boldly towards that which has the power to seriously harm or kill us. Som
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# 41: Let Go of Judgment

This past week I auditioned for “White Hot,” a brilliantly layered play that my theater company, The Vagrancy, is doing for the Hollywood Fringe in June. When I first read the play, I wanted to shove it across the room and flush it down the toilet.  It’s a bleak, dark, and often inappropriately funny tale of addiction, consumption, and loneliness, Americana at its most selfish and reckless. I hated these people and I couldn̵
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# 100: Listen.

I’m not very good at this particular guidepost.  In fact I can be downright terrible at it. But I’m working, really working, to be better at it.  For, I recognize and understand more and more as I grow, that the world opens up to us with much less force on our part, as we open up to the world.  And a HUGE part of that is listening to what the world, others, and yes, even our own bodies and hearts, have to say. And, yes, it’s tru
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# 10: Cultivate a Gift Culture

I’m not entirely sure why, but this past year, more than ever, I’ve been the blessed recipient of many unexpected gifts from strangers.  Free or discounted haircuts and colors, websites, headshots, and classes have all been offered to me by people that I hardly knew at times when I was least expecting such generosity.  This makes me think, contrary to my former belief system, that perhaps luck can be developed over time. Such random a
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# 45: Develop a Way of Working, and then Trust It!

I had lunch and a movie, a ritual of sorts, with my dearest friend Mary today and we talked a bit about trusting our own processes.  She’s in acupuncture school right now and she was sharing how the school has them get feedback from one of their top former students on how to study for the big tests they have.  He encouraged them to study 5 to 7 hours a day.  But Mary confided to me that that’s just not how she works.  For her, that ma
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# 75: Decide If You’d Rather Give the World a Life or a Life’s Work, Because Only the Lucky Can Give Greatly of Both

All of my friends are becoming parents.  Some of them as I write this.  Literally.  Even the ones that swore they never would, are popping them out. Clocks ticked, bellies swelled, and breasts filled to overflowing with mother’s milk. It has happened.  I am becoming the minority: a big childless, still child-like adult. I find this new event in so many of my friend’s lives incredibly beautiful.  And I know that for most of them, it
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Michal Sinnott NY City Sunset

# 32: You can’t compare Apples to Oranges (or The Best City on Earth vs. The Circus Maze)

I just got back from a crazy month in The Big Apple, which I have long professed to be The Best City on Earth. That said, it is certainly the most exhausting city I’ve ever encountered as well. And this past month was no exception. Joseph and I are newly crowned Angelinos (10 months in) after being NYers for 5 years (that’s ten years in actuality, but you have to be there 5 years before you’re even allowed to say you’re a
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Michal Sinnott as Agnes with Jim in Red Pine

# 13: When Overwhelmed with Life: Take The Time to Connect with What’s in Front of You

It's been an insane week. Since this time last Thursday morning, I have started and finished a lead in a period Western short film, helped lead an amazing all day workshop for 10 to 13 year old girls, completed an in depth treatment for a surfer comedy feature that Joseph and I are writing together and sent it off to a potential producer, hosted several meals at my house, learned that I am to head to NYC for a job and then decided to expand that.
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Jasper Love Michal Sinnott

# 7: Loosen Those Knots in Your Body: They’re Mostly in Your Head

For much of my life, I had a tight and constant knot in my chest. It was always there and it stood as a constant, unsettled reminder to do something with my life. It pushed me to excel. To be GREAT. And it hinted that in return, maybe, someday, if I did well enough, it would go away.
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